10 minute vacation

What do you think of meditation? You immediately think of Tibetan monks and defensively shake your head? You are not a fan of spirituality and who anyway has time to meditate?

I am not used to taking time for myself. At this, I do not mean that I do not like to retreat from time to time or to spend time on my own. I would just never get the idea to sit down and rest, at some point during the day. Even a nap is out of question. I am aware that, particularly during more stressful periods, my body is on a constant high-performance level. Yet, I do not offer him any balance or the possibility to retreat. I feel myself burning out, but I am unable to help myself.

Now my friend Aline gave me one month at Headspace. Headspace is a website that offers online meditation. You pay 9.95 a month (or less if you enter into a longer subscription) and get access to different meditation videos. Headspace also targets absolute mediation beginners (like me). At the moment, I do the beginners bundle which consists of ten 10 minute meditation videos. The advanced videos take from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

The founder of Headspace is Andy Puddicombe, sports scientist and former Tibetan monk (yes, we are back to the clichĂ©). But as the video demonstrates, the entire Headspace website is graphically styled to the last detail. It is obvious that Headspace focusses on being hip and breaking with meditation prejudices. The entire Headspace graphics reminds me of a game and just like in a game, you meditate from level to level. The instructions during the meditation are clear and easy to follow. The speaker’s voice is also very pleasant.

Headspace offers meditation videos in bundles (such as my beginners bundle) or individually. Of the individuals, I especially like the SOS- and On the go-meditation video. The latter even offers a meditation during a meal. Not even I, as passionate multitasker and restless all time performer, can say no to that. The bundles are divided into three categories: performance, health and relationship. You can meditate concretely against Stress/anxiety /… or for more self-esteem/focus /creativity.

I am really excited by Headspace. I always wanted to try out meditation and even though I am not very far yet, I can already see the first positive changes. My body is probably so grateful that he finally gets a break after 24 years; he gives everything that I continue to meditate. No, seriously: I do often realize that I am tense, unbalanced or stressed out, but until now it has not been impossible for me to help myself out of these situations or phases. Headspace however teaches you methods (breathing, focus, …) and enables you to help yourself. So forget the day in the spa, meditation is the new time-out.

Have you tried meditation? Did you notice positive change? Would you try meditation?