How I stretch

It is important to be flexible to a certain degree. If you have a limited mobility, your muscles and joints are endangered to be hurt more easily.  I, however, have a hard time getting myself to stretch. To be brutally honest: I dislike stretching. [...]

This weekend will be great – Links

I know, I have missed last week's 'This weekend will be great - Links' and I feel quite guilty about it. But, unfortunately, I have a real work overload at the moment. The blog turns out to be quite challenging and I find [...]

The miracles of the coconut

The coconut is a real allrounder and many households would not like to miss it anymore. You can find the coconut in the form of oil, flour, water or milk. You can use it in endless ways and it is packed with healthy content. [...]

Tested: Jumping Fitness

It is a warm and sunny Sunday and I could be lying on the couch without feeling guilty. Instead, I went to a Jumping Fitness class with a friend and I have to admit that I sweated – a lot. So far, I completely [...]