This weekend will be great – Links

What are your plans for this weekend? Today I read that happiness is not having to set the alarm for next morning and this describes perfectly how I momentarily feel. I had one of those weeks where every morning starts with a oh-no-this-can't-be-right-feeling. [...]

Meet…Yvonne Smink

This month the wonderful Yvonne Smink has answered 10 questions. I must confess that I have noticed Yvonne only recently. We both visited a Heidi Coker workshop and only after that I started to draw a closer a look at what she does. [...]

Top 3 recipes of the week

I have started writing a meal plan for the week. I have read about it in an article on Clean Eating and I was really surprised that I have not thought about that earlier. On the one hand, I love trying new dishes [...]