Raspberry-Almond Smoothie (5)

We are slowly approaching the end of the breakfast Smoothie week and I have to tell you I am almost a little sad. On the way, 100 more smoothie variants popped into my head and I would love to share all of them [...]

Blackberry – Coconut Smoothie Bowl (4)

Although we are in the middle of January and the weather is anything but summery, getting into good mood probably cannot hurt. And this blackberry-coconut Smoothie Bowl spreads an almost tropical, exotic mood. I was surprised how much the addition of coconut milk [...]

Chocolate Smoothie Bowl (3)

Today, let's go big. It is Thursday and the week is almost over. I think it is time to reward ourselves for what we have worked for and achieved this week. To put it in a nutshell - it is time for the [...]

Pear – Cinnamon Smoothie Bowl (2)

This pear - cinnamon Smoothie Bowl is one of my absolute favorites. The main ingredients are pear, yogurt, and cinnamon. During autumn and winter, the pear is one of my favorite fruits and I use it as much as I can in the [...]