5 Habits For a Healthier Pole Life

Sticking to a routine is not easy for me. Although I have a fairly regular everyday life with my 40-hour job, I find it hard to create regular habits.

Nevertheless, a few selected habits have made their way into my everyday life and help me to feel good and to stay fit.

Here are my Top 5 Habits for a healthier Pole Life:

1. 7.5 hours of sleep

When it comes to sleep, I’m like a toddler – gross! What a waste of time! However, having read that 7.5 hours are the optimal period of time to recover body and mind, I have tried it for a couple of weeks and I needed to admit that there is something to this thesis. The body regenerates during the sleep and makes you fit for your next training.

2. 1 glass of water

I am a notorious not-drinker and I love to forget about drinking during the day. Now, immediately after getting up, I drink a small glass of water and it helps me to properly wake up, to stabilize my blood sugar level and to make drinking present. If a cold glass of tap water is too hard for you, try lukewarm water or water with lemon.

3. Green, green, green

I would say that I eat a well balanced diet and yet, sometimes when I reflect on the day, I am not even near the recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables. A green smoothie is my new secret weapon to get all my micronutrients covered, as well as a small salad as a side dish to any meal (yeah, especially with burgers & fries;))!

4. Foam rolling

How often do you come home and need to get down from the day first? If you are only half as lazy as I, than Netflix probably is also your first go-to-choice. I have gotten accustomed to I use the time in front of the TV for foam rolling. The movement has a calming effect on me and relieves the tensions of the day. No better way to start your free time.

5. Meditation

Perhaps I am most proud of this last point. It is so hard for me to just sit down and do nothing for 5 minutes that the App Headspace was a true revelation. The app offers daily free meditation for a self-determined period of time and even offers a daily alert if needed. Now, when lying in bed, just before falling asleep, I allow myself and my head this wonderful break to turn off all the thoughts and to sail into the realm of dreams relaxed and calm.

What healthy habits do you follow? Anything I have to give a try?



  1. Becci Monday May 28th, 2018 at 01:02 PM

    Das sind 5 sehr schöne Gewohnheiten, die auch einfach in den Alltag einzubringen sind! Du hast recht, ich werde mich jetzt auch mal wieder regelmäßiger ausrollen. :)
    Es ist zwar keine echte Gewohnheit, aber mir hilft es, zwischendruch mal ganz bewusst durchzuatmen, wie ich es im Yoga gelernt habe: Durch die Nase vier Sekunden lang einatmen (und zwar in den Bauch, nicht in den Brustkorb) und dann etwa acht Sekunden lang ausatmen. Dabei lasse ich mein Schultern locker, die man im laufe des Alltags ja doch oft immer mehr nach oben zieht und dann verspannen.

    • eatpolelove Saturday June 2nd, 2018 at 11:14 AM

      Becci, das klingt super. Eine gute Methode, um entspannt durch den Tag zu kommen!

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