5 January Challenges that are still worth joining

Oh January, month of the good resolutions. The sports and nutrition challenges sprout from every Facebook and Instagram channel and it is actually hard to choose, whose help we choose to become fit and wonderful. Actually, I see challenges a little bit critical as they force you to do something on a daily basis which you might have never or rarely done before; such as Sit Ups at home;). They neither help you avoid problematic habits or to tackle problems in the long run. Nevertheless, they can be a good start to adapt a new lifestyle or to focus on specific issues over 30 days. I have collected 5 Challenges together, which is definitely worth it.

I have collected 5 January Challenges that are still worth joining.

1. #charlottesjanchallenge by Charlotte Robertson


This challenge is my favourite, because after all the Christmassy sitting on the sofa, we cannot stretch enough, can we? In addition, whether you want to join the challenge or not, Charlotte Robertson shares her valuable stretching knowledge with us and it can never hurt to learn a couple more great flexibility exercises.


2. #contemPOLEaryDANCEchallenge2017 by Shaina Cruea

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Need new floor and/or pole movement in your life?? If so this IG challange is a great way to start 2017!! contemPOLEary DANCE presents "Moving through the New Year's Challenge" WHEN: Starts Jan 1st TODAY­čśâ­čśâ HOW IT WORKS: I will post movement (floor and/or pole) every Sunday – participants post this movement with their own creative personal touch by the end of each week (Friday). The most creative interpretation of the material given will win a piece from the new collection of contemPOLEary DANCEWEAR!! On the last Sunday (Jan 29th) i will post a combo with the material given throughout the challenge, participants will post their own interpretation and the most creative will win a private lesson with me!!! (Can be arranged anywhere in the world as I will be traveling to a ton of different places in 2017) The last day to submit for the final prize is Feb 4th. *FINAL WINNER ANNOUNCED FEB 5TH* – 5 chances to win -participants are not required to submit every week to be considered for the final prize -The movement you post can on OR off of the pole -only available on IG HOW TO PARTICIPATE: -follow @contemPOLEaryDANCEWAER -Check the videos I post each sunday -Post movement videos with hashtags #contemPOLEaryDANCEchallenge2017 #CDWMOVINGthroughtheNewYearsCHALLANGE #contemPOLEaryDANCEWEAR #contemPOLEaryDANCE ******************************************* first weeks movement will be posted by 11am EST Jan 1st, 2017. *******************************************

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Already in 2016, Shaina Cruea has successfully completed her #contempolearyPOLEaryDANCEchallenge. Every week, she provides various Pole and Floor movements on her Instagram account, which then are reinterpreted by the participants. The prize is a private with Shaina. But also if you only take it as a source of inspiration, this challenge is definitely worth following.


3. #gbhandstandchallenge2017 by GymnasticBodies


I gave this challenge a first try in 2016 and failed miserably at probably day 5. Unfortunately, my handstand was lacking more than only balance. In 2017, I will follow this challenge again closely, because the videos of Gymnastic Bodies are a great training inspiration to get closer to your dream of a handstand. You will practically receive 30 training aids and pre-exercises to effectively train for your handstand.



4. Pole Goals by Sarah Scott

Pole Goals by Sarah Scott are actually a blog post series. It provides you with detailed tips on how to set your goals for 2017 effectively and sustainably.


5. January Cure by Apartment Therapy


This challenge has nothing to do with sports, but it revolutionises my life, or rather my apartment, every year. Apartment Therapy helps you with a step by step guided in a super relaxed way to get your apartment or your house organised and clean. You have to do a small task every day and on the weekends, you reward yourself. So if you too have this horrid drawer or do not dare to look under your bed anymore, this challenge is just perfect for you.

What do you think of challenges? Have you ever participated in one and how did it work for you?

(Titel image: Emily Hawthorne)