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Hello there,

Nice to meet you. My name is Lydia and on this blog I want to share my passion for sports and nutrition with you. I actually studied art history, but sports and nutrition always were more to me than just a hobby. I am convinced that they are the ingredients for a happy and fulfilling life. I am looking forward to sharing experiences and advice or just exchanging some thoughts and ideas with you on this blog.

Eat stands for all the nutrition-related topics on my blog. I hope you enjoy my recipe suggestions, do-it-yourself kitchen aids, drink inspirations and nutrition tips.

Pole is aimed at all Sports enthusiasts but puts, out of personal interest, an emphasis on Pole Sport. As a Pole Sport beginner, I had many, many questions, and not everyone is in the fortunate position to being able to attend Pole lessons. So I hope that my experience as a trainer helps you with your Pole career and answers a lot of your questions. I would be happy if my videos, tutorials, tips and tricks also provide inspiration and support for your own training. In the interviews just let us admire together all the poles goddesses out there.

Under Love you can find everything that excites me and has nothing directly to do with nutrition or sports. Here, I post music playlists, link collections, DIY projects, Cheat Day Recipes and much more.

Want to know more about me? Have a look at the FAQ’s.

If you would like to work with me, have a post idea or would like to read about anything specific, please feel free to write an email:

Although I always give my best to write this blog, English is not my first language. So please be tolerant regarding any grammatical mistakes or german phrasings that slip into my texts.