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  1. How long have you done Sports?

I have done sports all my life. Yet, during my adolescence I was not very consistent with what I did: I danced, played tennis, tried yoga, Pilates and gymnastics. With 15 I went to the gym for a year and took aerobics and cardio classes. For 10 years, I also rode and did vaulting. Since 2012, however, I am addicted to Pole Sport and remained faithful. I now only visit some yoga and dance classes from time to time to gather new inspiration for Pole.

  1. Were you particularly strong or flexible when you started Pole sport?

No and no. On the contrary, due to the riding my hamstrings are quite tight and my great weakness were always my arms. For some exercises, I needed certainly longer than other students, but Pole sport is just so much fun that I never gave up. I am convinced that everybody can do Pole Sport. At some point we can all do the same tricks and then it does not matter anymore whether you needed 2 years and 2 months for it.

  1. Do you do other sport besides Pole?

Yes. Particularly my arms need additional strength training or I am afraid I would insure myself. So I go to the gym and do barbell training. I also specifically train pull-ups, push-ups and handstands, as well as the basic exercises.

  1. Do you follow a specific diet?

I love food and I could never eat the same or similar food over a longer period of time. Considering that, I am not exactly predestined to stick to diets. My approach to food is that I try to cook as much as possible on my own, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and to as often as possible sugar, trans fats and empty carbohydrates. Of course, I also make sure to eat enough protein to support my muscle growth, but if you put a piece of cake in front of my nose, you will never hear a No. Cake is my weak spot (and you only live once, right?).

  1. What would you never eat?

I have probably more weak days than I care to admit, but I never eat pre-packed ready meals. I find it scary not to know what exactly is in your food or how it was prepared.

  1. Do you drink alcohol?

As I said, in all healthy resolutions you should also maintain life quality and joy. So I limit my alcohol intake to the weekends and try to always drink moderately. However, what is all your health and fitness worth if you cannot enjoy it at a funny evening with your friends?

  1. How many times a week do you train?

Far too infrequently. In a perfect week I go to the gym on Mondays; Tuesday pole training and stretching; Wednesday gym; Thursday pole training and stretching; Friday gym; Saturday or Sunday again stretching. But let’s be honest, how often do we have a perfect week?

  1. Which protein powder do you take?

I like it simple and have used this powder for about a year:


Olimp Whey Protein Complex 100%, Vanille

For some variety, I add fruits or spices to my shakes. In this article, you can learn more about protein and here I have posted six different shake variations.

  1. Do you use other dietary supplements?

No. For the rest I try to regulate my intake naturally by I using the corresponding oils and eating lots of nuts/Quark/avocado/etc.

  1. Another advice?

Yes! Please do not take yourself too seriously. I do not mean that you should not be ambitious or work on your goals structurally. Unfortunately, hard work is often the only way to succeed, but do not overdo it. Be conscious about why you do sports and eat healthy. Is it because it is your hobby, because you want to lose weight, because you want to gain mass, …..? Your life depends on none of these reasons. So forgive yourself when you are having a bad day or a bad workout. You are the happiest if you are at peace with yourself and your body; under which circumstances whatsoever.