Meet … Amy Hazel

Today I am very happy to present you some wise words by Amy Hazel who I adore a lot. Amy is actually younger than me (OMG) and was nominated Australia’s most bendy Pole artist. She is known for her extremely flexible, yet very strong Pole style and always astonishes the audience when still moving sexy during the craziest tricks. Have a look at her website for all the Pole prices she has won, as they are too many to enumerate here. 

On her website, Amy writes very touchingly about her eating disorder and how Pole helped her to overcome it. It is not only the honesty with which she opens up to us, that makes me love her even a little more, but she also drops some real truth:

The power of your mind is so powerful, you can do and believe anything you put your mind to, only if you want it enough.

Make decisions based on what you want to do, not for others. We all live in a small world, with a billion different views of it. Not everyone is going to see eye to eye.

Make yourself happy. Once you are happy you can make others happy too!

So let’s see what Amy has to say about competing, maintaining your flexibility and 9 different ways to warm up:


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  1. I read your touching post Recipe from Thinspo to Fitspo. Do you think that Strong is the new sexy or attitudes like that might change people’s minds and prevent eating disorders in future?

    I think strong is sexy, but happiness and self-love is the sexiest. If you love the body you are in regardless of what shape it is, people will then love you back. As long as you have a healthy lifestyle, nourish yourself and have fun, then it doesn’t matter what your body looks like.

  1. Do you think that there is a danger in the Pole world for eating disorders, as we display so much of our bodies?

    I don’t think there is more or less danger in the pole world than in any other world as eating disorders can stem from so many different reasons. Displaying so much of our bodies is a personal preference when training and I believe that there are enough great strong Pole role models that promote great body image.

  1. How did Pole help you to overcome your problems?

    I loved the way Pole helped shape and define my body with muscle tone in the beginning (before I had bulimia), and Pole Dancing was the place I could go to forget all my problems. It was my happy place that I could always go to and improve something.

  1. Where did you start Pole Dancing and how did your journey evolve?

    I started pole dancing at Pole Divas in Melbourne Australia, being taught by Lou Landers, Miss Filly and Kennetta Hutchens to name a few! I loved dancing since the age of 6, so I could pick up choreography very well, but I lacked a lot of strength! I attended every conditioning class on offer, every practice session and 2-3 courses a term! I love all styles of Pole, mainly sexy and lyrical.

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  1. When did you decide to compete and weren’t you afraid of how being depended from the opinion of others (the judges) might make you feel again? How do you overcome disappointment?

    I decided to compete in 2012 and did very poorly! It was a great stepping stone to realise how much more I had to work! I then tried again in 2013 and started doing very well. I never enter a competition to win. Of course, it is nice to win but it is never my one and only goal. I LOVE the stage! I love hearing the crowd cheer, the lights on my face, and creating a routine to music! If you go in with expectations, it can lead to disappointment. If you go in with no expectations but to just perform, you can enjoy any outcome.

  1. You are crazy strong and flexible at the same time. How do you make sure not to lose one or the other?

    I stretch ALOT! And I train very hard – for Instagram. HAHAHA. I film a trick or combo 5-15 times depending on the trick to make sure I have a good Instagram video then I do the next trick or combo and that is how I get strong, I then actively stretch my body (using the muscle when stretched). If you are to take anything away from training with me it is – STRETCH YOUR SHOULDERS!

  1. Which flexi and which strength move should every Pole Dancer try?

    Flexy – I think everyone has the capability to do a Rainbow Marchenko, however, it is their technique, mind and shoulders flexibility which is what stops them trying in the first place!
    Strength – backwards press up! It’s my favourite press up and again all stems from your shoulders!

  1. I love your 9 different ways to warm up. What’s your favorite warm-up routine?

    I love them all!!! Most of the time I am a cardio queen. I run for 30 mins before most training sessions. If I am very sore, I will put heels on a roll around on the floor doing sexy floor work!

  1. What should we always keep in mind during our Pole journey?

    Don’t compare yourself to everyone else. It is hard to be someone else so focus on being you! Your journey will be different to everyone else, so learn as much as you can and figure out what works for your body! A stretch for me, may not work for you because we are all different!

  1. What is your specific life goal at the moment?

    My life goal is to inspire as many people as I can and keep creating art for the world!

Thank you so much Amy!