When you are late for your Pole Class

Hand on heart – all of us have been late for a Pole class at one point or another. I mean there are enough legitimate or non-legitimate reasons why we are late. Public transports did not run properly, there was a traffic jam or our 30 minutes afternoon nap turned into a long, comatose break. Anyway – being late disturbs the class and represents a health risk.

Pole trainers invest a lot of time to create an extensive and holistic warm-up for you. With the warm-up, we aim at minimizing your risk of injury, increasing your strength, and preparing your muscles and joints for the upcoming exercises. Usually, the warm-up for a 60 minute Pole class takes about 15-20 min. When you are so late that you miss the entire warm-up, you should consider skipping this class and coming back for another. The problem is that your trainer can no longer guarantee for your safety. If you skip the warm-up or parts of the warm-up, you are not perfectly prepared for the upcoming exercises. Some Pole Studios, therefore, rightly refuse to admit late students or students who arrive later than 10 minutes after the course started. If your Pole Studio has a reception desk, you should clarify how they are handling late students before you enter the classroom.

When you arrive late at your Pole class, there are a few more things you should consider:

  1. Be ready to start immediately

When you enter the classroom, you should be absolutely ready to go. Tie your hair up, have your things in order, put your heels on. If you enter a class late, you should make sure that you are able to start off immediately. 

  1. Behave quietly

Everyone knows that normally you are always on time, that you are terribly sorry, and that a number of things went wrong why you ended up late. However, this is not the time to make long excuses. Quickly and quietly go to your Pole or space and get ready to join the class.

  1. Take your warm-up seriously

Your instructor will you probably give you some warm-up exercises that you missed and shall repeat now. Even though you are late already, this is not the moment to save time. Take your warm-up seriously for your own health.

What was your most stupid reason why you were late to your beloved Pole class? How does your Pole Studio handle late students?