Blackberry – Coconut Smoothie Bowl (4)

Although we are in the middle of January and the weather is anything but summery, getting into good mood probably cannot hurt. And this blackberry-coconut Smoothie Bowl spreads an almost tropical, exotic mood. I was surprised how much the addition of coconut milk changes the consistency of the smoothie and I have fallen immediately for this divine creaminess. Forget the creamy yogurt from the supermarket. Nothing tastes as good as this Smoothie Bowl plus you know that it contains only the best, healthy ingredients. With the additional freshness of blackberry and orange, this Smoothie Bowl definitely belongs to my top three favorites.

The blackberry-coconut Smoothie Bowl is the fourth in my breakfast smoothie week. You might want to also try this beetroot-banana smoothie, pear – cinnamon smoothie, and chocolate smoothie.


For this smoothie I have used:

1 glass coconut milk
2 tbsp yogurt
a handfull of blackberries (fresh or frozen)
the juice from one Orange
1 tbsp coconut flakes
1 tbsp Chia seeds

Put all the ingredients into the mixer and blend well. Done is the breakfast! Due to the coconut milk and the yogurt, the smoothie has initially a quark-like consistency. For me, this is okay, however, if you prefer your smoothie rather liquid, add some milk or water. The oranges I used also were already very sweet by nature, but if you miss a little sweetness, you could, for example, add a spoon of honey.


I have kept the topping of this Smoothie Bowl quite simple and only added some more coconut flakes, chia seeds, and blackberries. Again, the topping is up to you and you could also use, for example, coconut slices, banana, orange or almond slices. Let your creativity run free and change the topping every now and then for more variety.