My 5 favourite cookbooks for healthy meals

I have a passion for cookbooks. Since I am able to afford a little decadence from time to time, I buy stylistically beautiful cookbooks. At this, my frist criteria for the purchase are the aesthetics and the ingredient list. The pictures in the [...]

Baked Apple Smoothie Bowl (6)

This baked apple Smoothie Bowl quickly cures any Christmas Blues and immediately lifts your mood on cold days. Or do think there is anything better than a warm, fragrant baked apple, fresh from the oven when it is cold and dark outside? No! Of [...]

Raspberry-Almond Smoothie (5)

We are slowly approaching the end of the breakfast Smoothie week and I have to tell you I am almost a little sad. On the way, 100 more smoothie variants popped into my head and I would love to share all of them [...]

Blackberry – Coconut Smoothie Bowl (4)

Although we are in the middle of January and the weather is anything but summery, getting into good mood probably cannot hurt. And this blackberry-coconut Smoothie Bowl spreads an almost tropical, exotic mood. I was surprised how much the addition of coconut milk [...]