Strong cocoa avocado shake

I continue my sporty protein series with a fifth shake recipe. Again, I want to offer you an alternative to the usual fruity shakes. Are you ready for a chocolaty experience, which is still incredibly healthy? This strong cocoa avocado shake strengthens you in three ways by [...]

Nutty coffee shake

For a change, this time I have a non-fruity shake for you. This is my nutty coffee shake which gives you loads of energy. This shake contains: 1 cup of coffee almond milk a handful of hazelnuts (grated) Protein powder (hazelnut or vanilla) [...]

athletic apricot-quark shake

Yesterday, it was my boyfriend 's birthday and I did not manage to post my shake recipe, as I had promised to do. Instead, I threw all healthy habits overboard and ate delicious strawberry-raffaello cake without feeling guilty. Cake is my weak spot. [...]

Slim Strawberry Cucumber Shake

This is my second protein shake recipe from my protein series.  This shake is even fizzier than the Blueberry Mojito and is quite enlivening after an intense workout. The shake is full of vitamins and super slim and low on fat.  I have used: some strawberries a [...]