5 Habits For a Healthier Pole Life

Sticking to a routine is not easy for me. Although I have a fairly regular everyday life with my 40-hour job, I find it hard to create regular habits. Nevertheless, a few selected habits have made their way into my everyday life and [...]

My current Pole crush

Do you know Dan Rosen? I am following him for a really, really long time on Instagram now because I am a huge fan of his Pole style. I do not even know if he has his own Pole Studio (probably), but he definitely [...]

5 January Challenges that are still worth joining

Oh January, month of the good resolutions. The sports and nutrition challenges sprout from every Facebook and Instagram channel and it is actually hard to choose, whose help we choose to become fit and wonderful. Actually, I see challenges a little bit critical [...]

I am back

Lovelies, I think I should apologise to you. In August 2016, after only one year of Eat.Pole.Love, I stopped writing new Blog posts from one day to the other and without a word of explanation, I completely disappeared from the picture. In July, I [...]