My 5 favourite cookbooks for healthy meals

I have a passion for cookbooks. Since I am able to afford a little decadence from time to time, I buy stylistically beautiful cookbooks. At this, my frist criteria for the purchase are the aesthetics and the ingredient list. The pictures in the [...]

Merry Christmas

Lovelies, I wish you all a merry, merry christmas surrounded by your loved ones. I wish you the best food in the world and great presents. Have some great days off and enjoy yourselves.  I will be off for a couple for days, [...]

DIY Body Scrub with only 3 ingredients

For a Pole Dancer, pampering the body can be a tricky thing. Am I allowed to use shower oils or do I have class tomorrow? Can I moisturize my legs and hands or will I need them tomorrow for Pole? And then, somehow, I [...]