Are you dedicated enough?

Yesterday I watched the documentary Dance for Me on Netflix and I was really moved. (Ok, I cried.) I could not get the film of my mind and I have been wondering since then: Do I invest enough/ Do I work passionately enough [...]

10 minute vacation

What do you think of meditation? You immediately think of Tibetan monks and defensively shake your head? You are not a fan of spirituality and who anyway has time to meditate? I am not used to taking time for myself. At this, I [...]

RAD Polewear

Love this Top and shorts of the new RAD polewear's summer collection. They are my new Pole fashion favorites. What is your favorite Pole label?

This weekend will be great – Links

Have an amazing weekend everyone. Enjoy my 11 favorite links of the week. Xxx Top Pole Dancers who own a specific genre. Type Pole Fail into Youtube and you will be busy for the next days. So, you better get a good Pole. [...]