Meet … Doris Arnold

To me, Doris Arnold is the incarnation of sexy. I admire Doris Arnold for living her sexiness without shame and consideration for what others might think. I am very lucky and met  her live when I took a couple of her  workshops. I [...]

Meet … Nadia Sharif

If I would have to describe Nadia Sharif in two words, I would think 'fun' and 'wild'. And I do not even know her personally. Nadia's choreographies always seem so easy and she looks as if she is having the most fun on [...]

Meet … Dakota Fox

Dakota Fox was the first pole dancer, whose tutorials I watched on YouTube and attempted to copy. Unfortunately, of course, I often could record only limited success because Dakota Fox is a real power bundle. Nevertheless, her videos are very well explained and definitely achievable [...]

Meet … Amy Hazel

Today I am very happy to present you some wise words by Amy Hazel who I adore a lot. Amy is actually younger than me (OMG) and was nominated Australia's most bendy Pole artist. She is known for her extremely flexible, yet very strong [...]