Meet…Marion Crampe

I am so incredibly happy to present an interview with the lovely and absolutely incomparable Marion Crampe today. Marion is incredibly famous in our Pole world and has influenced, if not even changed, the community in many crucial ways. I do not think that I really [...]

Meet… Heidi Coker

When I said that it is hard to get information about Yvonne Smink, I had not yet tried to find something out about Heidi Coker. In fact, I only found a short mini-biography of Heidi, according to which Heidi started with Pole Sport [...]

Meet…Yvonne Smink

This month the wonderful Yvonne Smink has answered 10 questions. I must confess that I have noticed Yvonne only recently. We both visited a Heidi Coker workshop and only after that I started to draw a closer a look at what she does. [...]

Meet… Natasha Wang

After my first Pole lesson, I went on YouTube and searched for ‘Pole dance’. I wanted to get an overview of what I was actually starting and where I might be heading with this sport. A video of Natasha Wang came up and [...]