Meet…Marion Crampe

I am so incredibly happy to present an interview with the lovely and absolutely incomparable Marion Crampe today. Marion is incredibly famous in our Pole world and has influenced, if not even changed, the community in many crucial ways. I do not think that I really [...]

Free Pole and Stretching plan to print out

On the way to reaching a goal, many of us lose track of what we have already achieved. When, for example, you train towards a specific Pole trick, although you have come much closer to succeeding it, you might fall into despair because [...]

How to buy the right Pole

For the passionate Pole Dancer the decision to buy the first own Pole is about as important as the decision to buy the first car or house. You feel a thrill of anticipation when you have finally made up your mind to sacrifice [...]

How to successfully train on your own

I can still remember very well how difficult it was for me to train on my own at the beginning of my Pole career. The moves I was able to do could be counted on the fingers of one hand and strength or [...]