The miracles of the coconut

The coconut is a real allrounder and many households would not like to miss it anymore. You can find the coconut in the form of oil, flour, water or milk. You can use it in endless ways and it is packed with healthy content. You should not solemnly think of it as a necessary ingredient to a good Pina Colada.

Coconut oil consists to 90% off saturated fat. Yet 65% of this fat is fat with medium chain triglycerides (MTC) and has a positive impact on your health. Even though many people still believe that fat needs to be avoided at all time, science has proven that your body needs fat. Yet, you should, of course, have a look at what kind of fat, as there are healthier and more unhealthy types. According to studies, you should not eat more than 8 to 15 grams coconut oil per day. Also pay attention to substitute the coconut oil for less healthy oil. Do not eat coconut oil additionally. It is also important that you buy the right kind of coconut oil. Look out for oil that is virgin, native or extra native. If the label does not say any of this, the oil has been refined and all its healthy content is lost.
You could buy this coconut oil for example.

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What is your experience with coconut oil or have you not tried it so far?


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