Abs like a professional

Do you know these photos of poles professionals (for example Yvonne Smink) where you see abs that simply blow your mind? Well, there is a good reason for such strong abdominal muscles, as they are involved in probably every pole trick. Do you also want to have such abs? I have great news for you: with this workout, you can.

Especially at the start of their pole career, many pole beginners swing or jump into their tricks. They do not have enough abdominal strength and, therefore, they are not able to lift their own weight statically. In this case, however, swinging is dangerous. During the swing, additional forces act on the body and more strength has to be applied to control these forces. This is a paradox, because the swing was used in first place to compensate for a lack of strength.

In this workout I have compiled 10 exercises that specifically focus on your ‘Pole’ abs. The workout takes about 15 minutes and I recommend, for example, to integrate it into your warm-up. The workout is aimed at Pole dancers at all levels. It helps you if you are looking to build basic strength or if you want to additionally support your muscles.

I perform these exercises with my students at the beginning of every class and I promise you, if you stay strong for a few weeks, you will obtain visible results quickly. You will realize how far strong abdominal muscles will bring you ahead in your training.

Finally, a small Eat.Pole.Love-advice: Force yourself to perform your Pole tricks without swinging. You might need a longer time until you succeed with certain tricks, but your success will be more sustainable.

Have fun. Xxx