The perfect Cream Cheese frosting

Do you know the feeling of desperation when you try to produce a proper Cream Cheese Frosting? I do. Constantly. And I cannot believe that I have finally found a simple and yet so convincing explanation for my multiple fails.

The most important thing about a Cup Cake is its topping. Without the topping, a Cup Cake is just a small and simple Muffin, which, of course, has its advantages too, but the topping definitely makes the difference.  And still, I could not count with both hands how many times I have taken up my mixer, highly motivated, to give my muffin its final touch and then fell into despair over a frosting soup which, even though it had already swallowed about one kilo of ingredients, simply refused to become solid.

So, I have done some little research and the code word is: order. The order in which the ingredients are added decides about you eternal frosting satisfaction or failure. A proper cream cheese frosting consists (nothing surprising here) mainly of cream cheese and icing sugar. However, cream cheese consists mainly of water and icing sugar extracts water. This is why in combination both ingredients end up as a super liquid mixture. The solution is butter (and again, nothing surprising here that butter solves it all). The fat of the butter functions as a separating agent and prevents the direct contact of cream cheese and icing sugar.

Therefore, in order to create a fail-safe cream cheese frosting, add icing sugar to a bowl and mix with butter until everything is well blended. Add some vanilla and lemon, if you like, and lastly, add the cream cheese. Nothing will go wrong anymore and your frosting will have the perfect texture.

I personally could not believe yesterday evening that I might have finally solved one of my biggest baking issues and I instantly tested my new knowledge. Up to this point, I kind of avoided cupcakes, but the frosting result was amazing and there is no end to my cupcake enthusiasm now anymore.

What have been your biggest baking issues/failures so far? What are your mind blowing tips and tricks regarding cupcake frostings?