Are you dedicated enough?

Yesterday I watched the documentary Dance for Me on Netflix and I was really moved. (Ok, I cried.) I could not get the film of my mind and I have been wondering since then: Do I invest enough/ Do I work passionately enough on my dreams?

Dance for Me tells the story of 15-year-old Egor who leaves Russia to become a professional ballroom dancer in Denmark. Ballroom Dance is big in Denmark and that is why sometimes partners are even ‘imported’ from abroad. Egor becomes the new partner of the 14-year-old Mie and for that time moves in with her family. The documentary now accompanies Egor in his everyday life and the challenges he faces with the new language, culture, and family.

Egor’s devotion and dedication impressed me deeply. In the middle of puberty, a phase which is already confusing and uncertain enough, he leaves his parents and sets out alone on a journey into the complete unknown. Dance for Me euphemizes nothing. We see the tensions between Mie and Egor who suddenly become siblings though perhaps would not even be friends. We see how Mie’s family, despite all efforts, fails to integrate Egor and to overcome the fact that this is a ‘partnership of convenience’. And the film shows Egor’s loneliness. Egor has never someone with whom he can share his success or who helps him through tough times. He has to solve all issues on his own and still, he does not give up.

Dance for Me has touched me and I wonder does one have to be so devotes as Egor to ‘make it?’ Is there no easier way? Pole is my great passion in life and I am very clear about my life goals but am I perhaps not willing to sacrifice enough? Do I have to be harder on myself? And what does Egor do on bad days? Where does he get the strength from to carry on? Am I a wimp?

What do you think about your attitude? Do you pursue your goals passionately enough? Do you maybe have specific reasons why not to be consistent? Does your bad conscience trouble you, too? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the motivated and ambitious people around you?

(Photos via PBS)