This weekend will be great – Links

This week, I did not really post a lot. Yet, do not fear, I did not stop blogging, yet, I am working on some long-term projects that take some time. Ok, and my boyfriend has bought a bike. We have made use of the good weather and went on some biking trips. It was amazing and I have prepared some delicious little picnic snacks. You can view the photos on my Instagram account.

These are my favourite links from the internet this week:

Speed-Warm-Up by Samantha Star, which will definitely warm you up and incorporates elements from Yoga, Gymnastics and Calisthenics.
Untranslatable words from different languages. ‘Age-Otori’ gave me a good laugh and reminded me of the many unfortunate incidents when I would have had to use it.
We all know that a frequent visit of a tanning salon is extremely unhealthy. This article demonstrates again the fatal consequence too much tanning may cause. Beware there are quite horrific images displayed. So interesting.
An interesting article about how to deal with disappointment in the pole community. You can expand this topic to every sport and life in general.
And another article about pole: 13 things that only pole dancers know.
Haha, how the purring of your cat actually increases your health.
What your favourite cereal says about you.
Have you always been a fan of¬†Twiggy’s eyes? You can download them here.

What are your plans for this weekend? Xoxoxo.