DIY Body Scrub with only 3 ingredients

For a Pole Dancer, pampering the body can be a tricky thing. Am I allowed to use shower oils or do I have class tomorrow? Can I moisturize my legs and hands or will I need them tomorrow for Pole? And then, somehow, I always mix things up and get angry as hell, when no trick works. Out of precaution, for a long time, I did not moisturize my skin at all. Well, and then my legs looked like the bark of a tree – cracked, dry, and uneven. 

I have timed my pampering ritual now so, that I always use shower oils or moisturizers directly after training. I usually work out every other day and also mostly in the evening, so my skin has enough time to absorb all the oils and I have no problems during training.

Today I show you my absolute favorite body scrub which is mixed up in no time, requires only 3 ingredients and ensures amazing Pole legs.


You need:

a container (preferably with lid)
a cup of sugar
a cup of ground coffee
some olive oil

First, mix the sugar and the ground coffee (either fresh or stored). Then, gradually add the olive oil until you receive a crumbly consistency that is not too liquid. The finer the ground coffee or the sugar are, the smoother is the scrub. All sugar-based scrubs can also be used in the face.

While taking a shower, simply apply some of the body scrub to your legs (or even to your whole body). Happy scrubbing. If you have particularly sensitive skin, try the scrub on a small skin part first and wait how the skin reacts. 

I just love scrubs. After a proper scrub, I always feel reborn and it becomes even better, of course, if I can be sure that the scrub contains only natural ingredients. Little bonus: the antioxidants of the coffee work anti-inflammatory for your skin and are, therefore, for example, good for cellulite or stretch marks. Especially the Leg Hang-spots on my skin are very happy about that. The olive oil gently moisturizes your skin.


Do you use body scrubs? Do you usually do them yourself or do you buy your scrubs? What is your moisturizing routine? Love to hear from you. xxx