Cheat Day – Do or Don’t?

What do you think of cheat days?
Do you find a cheat day where you can eat anything unhealthy as much as you want ok or rather not?

I eat a modified form of Paleo (including dairy products), but when I am with my family or friends, I eat everything. I do not have a food intolerance, so I do not feel immediately awful when I cheat. To make life easier for my loved ones (and to not having to justify myself 1000 times), I make this at family and friends-exception. Nevertheless, in times when I see my family and friends more often, a cheat meal quickly turns into a day, a week, a -whoops when was the last time that I did not cheat?

So, cheat days do or don’t? Why do you stick to your diet no matter what? Why does a cheat day work for you and why do you actually need it?


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  1. Janna Wednesday September 21st, 2016 at 09:17 AM

    Joa…Also ich ernähre mich wie ich mich ernähre weil ich es gerne möchte. Weil es mir gut tut. Ich habe am letzten Freitag was mit Glutamat gegessen und immer noch Migräne und Durchfall. Passiert mir nicht so schnell wieder.
    Ist doch deine Entscheidung. Mach doch was du willst ; )

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