Do or Don’t: Makeup at the gym

Do you wear makeup at the gym or do you go all natural?
I have always wondered how much dressing up is appropriate at the gym. And I have always decided so far – none. When I go to the gym I want to do my exercises properly and I am not afraid to sweat. At this, I do not want to think about whether my makeup may smudge or my mascara will run into my eyes. Yet, sometimes, when I walk by a mirror, I remind myself of Bridget Jones after her spinning class and I wish I would have put more effort into my style.

Physicians do not recommend to wear any makeup during sports. Your makeup clogs your pores and prevents your skin from breathing. This is undesirable because your body regulates its temperature by sweating and ergo your skin. Also, mascara that runs into your eyes may cause irritations. Lastly, if you do a lot of sports outdoors, you should consider that you makeup may not have a high enough sun shield to adequately protect you.

So what is your opinion? Do you think makeup during sports necessary?

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  1. Brigitte Bonin Sunday November 22nd, 2015 at 06:32 PM

    I think make up never is necessary, it’s an add-on only, so why put an add-on especially when it’s going to make us ridiculous in the end ?

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