Meet … Doris Arnold

To me, Doris Arnold is the incarnation of sexy. I admire Doris Arnold for living her sexiness without shame and consideration for what others might think. I am very lucky and met  her live when I took a couple of her  workshops. I was absolutely mesmerized by Doris naturalness that takes the wicked or supposedly dirty from all sexy movements and turns it into simply one of the most beautiful things in the world.

Doris Arnold is trained in classical dance and worked in a strip club for many years before she focussed on Pole Dancing. Meanwhile, Doris has won several titles, is the owner of the legendary Pole Studios Studio Francoisewrites a blog, and has her own Pole Label. I asked Doris whether the understanding of sexiness changes  from country to country, what always helps when one does not feel sexy and how to Pole Dance in Heels.


  1. Doris, you have worked six years in a strip club before you discovered Pole Dance and switched. What do you take from your time as a stripper into your Pole career?

I took the Crossed Knee Release with me. And since I was a little chubbier, I learned to take confidence in myself and to accept my body the way it is. My legs were too muscular for ballet, yet in the Stripper milieu people suddenly complimented my legs and told me that I was beautiful. I realized that girls who might not be regarded as typical beauties can radiate a great amount of charm and sex appeal. Whereas extremely beautiful girls, on closer inspection, might turn out to be rather boring. Beauty is not only lines but also attitude and what you are doing with your body. You decide what you ascribe significance to.

  1. Your motto is Be Strong, Be sexy, Have fun. Yet, being sexy was a long-time taboo. How can we learn to think differently and where do we get the courage, self-confidence, and strength from to live your motto?

Sexy has never been a taboo for me. I never had to gather courage, but on the contrary, sometimes I even had to slow myself down a little.

Be sexy is my passion and I do not care what other people say. It does not make you happy caring about what other people think and I find that people even like some sort of tension. Many find it hard to live this don’t-care attitude, especially around people that are in their close environment. However, I am convinced that we should never sacrifice the real fun.

Therefore, my motto Have fun is most important to me. We need to do exactly what we love in life.

Ultimately, Be strong means strength and this is hard work. Our bodies change gradually and strength needs time. You also need to work intelligently in order to build true strength. Despite everything, I think if you live by my motto, then the non-judgment part plays a major role. Do not judge others and do not judge yourself. The more you tolerate others the easier you can be on and accept yourself.

  1. On your blog you wrote that sexy definitely also means vulgar. What do you think are the benefits of a little vulgarity from time to time?

Benefits: Fun! It’s fun to defy taboos. Being sexy has a very playful side. It is also a form of expression (to let yourself go from time to time). Everyone has their own limitations and it helps to break these taboos – not only physical but also sexually. This helps you to discover new things and to take them over. Finally, you are free to do whatever we want.

  1. Have you ever been shamed and how did you handle it?

I’ve never been ashamed of anything, except perhaps a couple of ex-boyfriends that I went out with. And how did I handle it? We broke up :)

  1. Do the different countries have a different understanding of sexy?

The idea of sexy is pretty much the same worldwide. In some countries, girls have fewer taboos. Some dare more, some dare less. The difference is that in some places girls feel more extroverted in their everyday life, than in dance and vice versa.


  1. Who are your role models and what inspires you?

All sexy Pole Dancers inspire me: Alethea, Marlo, Koda, Bembo. I am inspired by the erotic and sexy art: music, lyrics, some clips, and movie characters. I am especially inspired by all forms of sexy that exist on earth.

  1. What always helps when one does not feel sexy?

Humor always helps. I laugh at situations, but also at compliments. You have to lead your students and reveal lots of information about you, because when the other person knows a lot about you, she feels safer. Sexy effectively is only a technique because the world is not divided into sexy and non-sexy girls. Everyone can learn to be a sexy queen.

  1. What is one of the biggest mistakes that you see in many exotic choreographies or videos?

I stick to my principle and do not judge. I am also a very good audience because I am always looking for the beauty in each choreography.

Despite everything, technically, I believe that not to perform a movement until the end takes some of the intensity from the choreography. However, I think that sexiness is truly lost, when you focus too much on the technique and thus forget about your face and attitude, forget to point your toes, or to use your heels properly.

  1. Do you have a few tips on Pole Dancing in Heels?

Train as often as you can in Heels. Warm-Up without your Heels, put them on for training and cool-down with your Heels still on. And never forget The higher the better.

  1. A last piece of advice for all the great Pole girls out there?

Be Strong, Be sexy, Have fun! :-)


Thank you so much, Doris.