Greek Yogurt & Apricot Clafoutis

The first time I have heard of a clafoutis was during a french language class. There was a large photo of a classic Clafoutis aux Cerises in our textbook together with the recipe. I was immediately impressed by the dotted pattern that the [...]

7 days – 21 recipes: Clean Eating Meal Plan Nr. 1

A healthy diet requires a surprising amount of planning. Very rarely does our diet fail because of an unwillingness to change, an insuperable chocolate addiction, or financial reasons. More often we become weak because we don't want to spend that much time on grocery shopping, perhaps even [...]

Kefir with Caramelized Bananas and Walnuts

May I present? Kefir ... my new best friend - from the refrigerated section (Ok, I hear it myself. The last  one sounds like an advertisement. ). But seriously, for a couple of weeks now, I am crazy about Kefir. By now, I [...]