This weekend will be great – Links

We have made it. Another week is over and this one was especially exciting for me as I have released my first blog post. I am very grateful for all the positive feedback I have received from you and I am super motivated to start on the many creative projects that are on my mind.

Have a lovely weekend and worship what you have achieved this week. I hope you will have some great and relaxed two days. I will watch the Norwegian Pole Championships on Saturday and I am very keen to see the performances and get a lot of new input. The Championship starts at 6 pm (GTM+2) and can be watched live.
Also find some fun posts from the Internet.

I would love to own this perfect Pole Shirt
No time for endless workouts. Well, try this one song Workout. I think it is hilarious.
Oh my god. I am addicted to golden products. How I would cruise with this golden bicycle.
It is an old performance from 2012.Yet Sergia Louise Anderson still is one of my absolute favourite Polerina’s and I will never over-watch this amazing performance.

Have a good one.