This weekend will be great – Links

I know, I have missed last week’s ‘This weekend will be great – Links’ and I feel quite guilty about it. But, unfortunately, I have a real work overload at the moment. The blog turns out to be quite challenging and I find it hard to always integrate it into my life. I am really looking forward to this weekend, though. My grandparents are celebrating 50 years of marriage (Golden wedding) and I am so proud. There are only few people who make it that far in their relationships and my grandparents are still such a cute couple.

What are your plans for this weekend? Do you have everything prepared for Mother’s day?

This series about former sports fashion is hilarious. If people will think about our current fashion this way in the future?
Some really nice pictures of water. I did not think that a water surface was so impressive.
Did you know that Braun designed watches? I love the pink one most.
Rita Ora has designed some flowery sports leggings for Adidas. What a nice twist on sports fashion.
Simply beautiful slow-motion video of Sarah Scott pole dancing. This is so amazing and proves that pole sport can be quite sophisticated.
How to properly go to bed. Great!
Do you think asking these questions would change the impression on first dates?
Best Blueberry Muffins I ever had. Honestly, I had to re-bake them twice this week and I will bake them again for my mom and my step-mom. My boyfriend already ordered some to take to work. (Ps. You the recipe for 6 muffins or double the ingredients for twelve. By that, they get really nice and fluffy. Also use much more butter to get some real good crumbles) Mhhhh.

Have a good one. Xoxoxo.

Photo via Hannah Malou