This weekend will be great – Links

What are your plans for the weekend? In Berlin, the Karneval der Kulturen (carnival of cultures) takes place. This is a huge festival that lasts the whole weekend and has its climax on Sunday in a large parade. Different cultural associations participate in this parade with dance shows, theatre plays, music and much more. It is always incredibly diverse and interesting. But the best about Karneval der Kulturen is the atmosphere. Everyone dances in the streets and exotic food is sold everywhere.

I, however, will not go this year, as I am taking part in the XPole Trainer course which also lasts the whole weekend. Sarah Scott (aaaaaah) will be my instructor and I am so excited. I guess it will be very tiring, but I have already packed nuts, bananas and shakes in my Pole bag.

Here are my internet favourites of the week:

How would a female Indiana Jones look like? Check it out in this brilliant parody by Anna Kendrick and vote for more female actions heroes with me.

So this is how you skin garlic.

10 phrases pole dancers hate to hear

What would be your name, if you were born today? I would be called Alivia. However, I would prefer to be a Rosemary from 1980.

Pizza in the wild

This is not diet-conform, but I will have to try these spinach and blue cheese biscuits.

The weather is getting better and better (and I am realizing that I am obsessing about it). Make your own picnic rug.

You might know the scene from Sex and the City where Carry reads the greatest love letters to Big. Here are 15 more that will instantly turn you into a romantic.

I do normally do not eat vegan food, but a cute, little, vegan café has opened up in our neighbourhood and I have fallen in love with this Chia-Pudding with mango sauce there. I will definitely retry this recipe at home.

I want to hang this picture in my apartment.

See you on Monday. Xxx