This weekend will be great -Links

This weekend will be really hot in Berlin. What are your plans for the weekend? Are you planning on visiting a beer garden or perhaps are you brave enough to take a first swim in a lake? I’ve already spent the day lazily in my grandparents’ garden and ate much too much of this:


In my defense, however, I want to note that I cycled to my grandparents’ house and got incredibly lost on the way. (I have basically zero orientation.) Thereby, I cycled a minimum of 3 kilometers extra. 

Here are the best links from the Internet with sunny regards from Berlin.

100 years of fashion in under 2 minutes. What is your favorite era? I’m immediately blown away by the Pink the 60s.

Do you have the time and courage for a sporty day’s target? Try this one and make 100 push-ups, squats and crunches throughout the day.

You know, I love cocktails, whether with or without alcohol. Here are 20 cocktail recipes with fresh herbs. Yeah.

Delicious. I will definitely try this tomato cucumber salad with avocado next week.

These pool floats are amazing and definitely not only for kids. If I would own a pool, the pineapple would be mine.

I love these sports bras.

This bottle is great for infused waters.

Oh my God. This roasted broccoli crostini with sun-dried tomato hummus looks sooo good. I’ll head straight to the supermarket.

It’s about time to plan your summer vacation. Here are 15 best natural swimming pools in the world.


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