This weekend will be great – Links

It’s birthday time (Yeah). Many of my friends have their birthday’s in summer and just this weekend two birthdays take place. Beside the fact that I absolutely love birthdays, I look forward to all the birthday picnics in the park or birthday parties on the balcony. One birthday this weekend will be celebrated under the motto ‘midsummer’ and I have agreed to bake a cake. Is there a special midsummer cake? Do you have any inspiration for me recipe-wise? Otherwise, I am thinking about baking this Summer Berry Cake.

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend and enjoy my links from the internet below. Xoxo

Alex John Beck proves that symmetry is not the only important factor regarding beauty. Have a look at his photo project and be prepared to be amazed. 

A beautiful guide on how your pole kisses heal faster

This article about procrastination made me laugh 

10 beautiful picnic items for the summer. I love the carafe and the wineglass. So sophisticated ;) …

Cheddar Donuts for barbecues or relaxing evenings on the couch

Are you brave enough? This is the most dangerous walkway in the world. My legs already feel a little wobbly just from looking at the pictures. 

Yvonne Smink closes her eyes during a combo and relaxes when my whole body would shake from the struggle

Beautiful summer houses

1970’s men fashion ads that one cannot make unseen

Yummy. A summerly pasta salad with tomatoes, corn and jalapeno pesto!

6 confidence-boosting red lip sticks

All low-carb and no-carb is immediately forgotten with this Basil and apricot grilled cheese with turkey and caramelized onions

Man forced to come up with 45 seconds of different facial expressions while waitress lists off specials. haha.