This weekend will be great – Links

This week was awful. I felt pretty stressed out and the weather in Berlin is cold and wet. My whole wonderful summer mood is gone and I feel really sad about hiding those sandals again. I could only hardly motivate myself for anything this week and my mood has brightened only during my Sex and the City marathon and this caramelized banana cake.


I’m really glad that the week is over and I am looking forward to an appointment-free weekend. So, I will take it slow  the next days and perhaps have a look at where I stand with my reading list.

What do you do to get in a better mood when the summer decides to be over before it has even properly started? What does always help when the good mood needs some assistance?

I wish you a wonderful weekend and lots of fun with my favorite links of the week! Xxx

This 5,4,3,2,1-packing rule will completely eliminate your pre-vacation-stress.

28 ways to boost energy instantly (of which I had to use more than one already this week). 

Badkitty gives great advice of how to better spin on your static pole.

This is a really interesting take on organic skincare vs. organic diet.

10 pushup variations, you should actually do. (You will become the incredible Hulk!)

I love this necklace.

Oh, I wish I would have known about these 15 awesome tips of how to have a better lunch al desko at the office. Number 2 is downright amazing.

You will never be late with this device anymore…

This eye test is really HARD. My first result certified me the color blindness of a bat. Of course, I could not leave it at that and my second attempt at least got me to the level of a cat. But see for yourself.