This weekend will be great – Links

I wish you all a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the sun and the summery temperatures. I will have more iced tea and probably spend the rest of the weekend at a lake.

Have fun with the links of the week. Xxx

I said that I love ice tea, but who knew there is an ice tea-month? Here are even more delicious variants.

This is a challenge we love to take.

Would you have thought that people are so passionate about guacamole?

Delicious. french fries prepared differently.

5 ways yoga makes you stronger.

oatmeal with chocolate and strawberries. Is breakfast even allowed to be so delicious?

Perfect for an afternoon on the balcony/terrace or in the garden.

These Toastbags are genius !!

This article about 30 day challenges puts in words what we all secretly thinking (and takes the bad conscience of our shoulders that we have never finished one). 

Love this article: Stop to convince me I am beautiful

Oysho has really nice gym wear on Sale with things that are even suitable for Pole.