5 chocolates that you actually want for Valentine’s day

Actually, I do not eat sweets (and I can not stress enough that I do not count cake as candy :) ), but I also cannot say no if I have candy in front of me. Mindy Kaling has actually spoken deep down from my heart in her new book “Why not me?”.

I can’t for the life of me not eat something that I want to eat. You know how if you turned on a faucet in your sink to wash your hands, the idea of leaving the bathroom without turning it off is insane? That’s how I am about ignoring delicious food. – Mindy Kaling

Of course, I also like to eat chocolate and gummi bears and biscuits. A lot actually. And if they stand before me, I have to eat them regardless of my abs, my butt and all my good resolutions. That is why I do not buy any sweets from the start.

So if you have a similar strong sweets backbone like me, then why not ask your Valentine to give you one of these chocolates this year? You can eat these chocolates in one evening and still (almost) do yourself something good with it!

1. handmade Nutella sea salt energy balls

Who doesn't love Nutella and sea salt? Make these healthy energy balls made from hazelnuts, cocoa powder, dates, and sea salt for a guilt-free snack!

Quick spoiler alert, of course, this recipe does not really contain any Nutella, otherwise it would not be on my list. But, it includes all the ingredients that are also contained in Nutella and much better. And handmade with love is 1000 times better than pralines from the supermarket anyway, right? Recipe and image by FitFoodieFinds.

2. a jar of Almond butter

Oh my god, almond butter. Actually, I should advise you to never to never try this almond butter, because it is so incredibly delicious and so terribly expensive that it will get you immediately into a vicious cycle. I use almond butter almost daily in the kitchen and add it, for example, to my smoothies, quark or salad dressing. (Ok, and sometimes I also eat a spoonful of it just like that, but only if nobody sees me.) You can get almond butter in every big supermarket.

3. the Paleo chocoholic Box

Paleo Chocoholic

Unfortunately, Eat Performance only delivers within Europe, but to all my European friends this Paleo Chocoholic Box won’t let you regret the absence of your missed Valentine pralines for a second. I am a huge fan of Eat Performance products and have repeatedly bought the chocolate muesli, bars, and cookies. The products taste very high quality and to everyone in Berlin, there is even an Eat Performance shop and bistro in Berlin. Be sure to try it!

4. Yogi choco tea


A friend recently told me that she always drinks something delicious, when we would, for example, prepare a snack. She said that she loves drinking and that she finds a cup of cocoa equally satisfying to a piece of chocolate. I think this is a very interesting perspective because I almost always forget to drink. I discovered this Yogi choco tea during an internship and actually only tried it (I’ll be honest) because all other tea bags were out. I mean chocolate tea? That sounds kind of odd, or? Well, I can say that this tea is incredibly tasty and since then a steady part of my tea board. In combination with a sip of milk that is my well feel-good tea Nr. 1. PS. It is no comparison to cocoa, but more like a chai tea with a chocolate note.

5. Chocolate


Sometimes you can only really satisfy your chocolate cravings with actual chocolate, but then it should still be the best, right? Lovechock Almond & Baobab sounds almost too good to be true. Did you know that Baobab is the fruit of the African baobab tree and pulverized is treated as hot as chia seeds or Goji berries? This chocolate practically turns you into Superwoman.

What are your favorite healthy products when it comes to snacking? Can you say no to chocolate & Co.?

(Photo by Francesca Schellhaas/photocase.de)