I am back


I think I should apologise to you.

In August 2016, after only one year of Eat.Pole.Love, I stopped writing new Blog posts from one day to the other and without a word of explanation, I completely disappeared from the picture.

In July, I took a new full-time job and I only managed to continue writing for Eat.Pole.Love for one month. Before I had maintained my blog full-time and I felt overwhelmed and also a bit at a loss facing my new life situation. In addition to my job, I would not be able to maintain the post rate as I did when I had only my blog. However, I did not want to accept any quality losses neither. So I decided to deal with the problematic really professionally and to put my head in the sand and to decide nothing.

Sometimes you need some distance before you realise how great certain things they are for you. In July, the blog turned into a burden. I had to get used to my new job situation, to my new everyday life. I had to refine my Pole training and my Pole classes that I teach. The blog, my baby, turned into my bad conscience. I had poured so much work and so much heart blood into this blog, but I just could not keep writing. The more time I spent away from the blog, the more my everyday life normalised and the more I missed the writing and of course you, my wonderful readers.

Now I’m back – highly motivated for 2017, the head full of new ideas and projects. There will be a lot of changes on Eat.Pole.Love and I will not be able to keep the post density from early 2016. However, I will always write when there is a topic dear to my heart. I will continue to provide you with workouts, inspirations, and recipes. And I will not go quiet again. I promise you that.

I would also like to thank everyone who has been faithful during these five quiet months.

Thank you!