Some ingenious ways to drink more water

I am struggling a lot to drink enough water. I often simply forget that I am thirsty and I do not listen to my body enough. For me, it is a huge challenge to drink enough and I have to admit that I find water boring.
If you feel the same, here are some tips & tricks, how to outwit yourself and drink more.

1.      Get used drinking water right after you get up. Tea, of course, is fine too and I personally prefer to drink something warm in the morning.

2.     Always take something to drink on the way. When you are working at a desk, place a bottle of water somewhere visible. Indeed, I am often simply too lazy to get up and fetch something to drink. If you always have water at hand, you will also notice that you’ll remember more often to drink.

3.     Small goals. I am intimidated by large bottles since their content never seems to become less, even though you feel like you are drinking and drinking. Yet, if you think about it, you basically only have to drink 4 glasses of water daily. 4 glasses? You should be able to do that, right? Additionally, you can set times a day that become your drinking hours. For example, you could drink at 9, 12, 3 and 8 o’clock. Support yourself with an alarm.

4.     Use a straw. As easy as it sounds, it works. We tend to sip things more easily through a straw and this ‘law’ has been verified by many cocktail nights. Yet, it works just as well in everyday life.


Another trick to make water more attractive to drink is infused. It is much healthier than juice or soft drinks, as infused water is based on purely natural flavours and still extremely delicious and refreshing. Mix whatever fruits and herbs you like, add some water and enjoy with some ice cubes or warm. Some of my favourite combinations are:

simple: water + mint or water + lemon
first picture: orange + mint+ cucumber
second picture: blackberry + sage
cucumber + strawberry + thyme
grapefruit + thyme
strawberry + lemon + basil
blood orange + mint
blueberries and lavender
or if you would like to try something fancy – go for:
pear + ginger + vanilla + cinnamon