Tested: Jumping Fitness

It is a warm and sunny Sunday and I could be lying on the couch without feeling guilty. Instead, I went to a Jumping Fitness class with a friend and I have to admit that I sweated – a lot. So far, I completely missed Jumping Fitness as a new sports trend. And yet, it is such a great idea, I mean aerobic steps on a trampoline, is there anything more fun?

During a Jumping Fitness class, every participant has their own trampoline which was specifically developed for this sport. Loud and rhythmic party music accompanies constantly changing steps, jumps and step combinations. It is an effective whole body workout that involves all body parts from the legs to the arms. Jumping Fitness is 70% more effective than jogging and it works around 400 muscles. You do not need to be a sports pro to do Jumping Fitness. The combinations are easy to follow and each exercise can be downgraded.


Jumping Fitness trampoline

I loved the Jumping Fitness class. It is a good way to let off steam in a sporty way and it is a great alternative to the average aerobic class. Also, Jumping Fitness is, due to the trampoline, much easier on your joints. Yet, Jumping Fitness is rather a cardio than a strengthening training. I have sweated a lot, but I do not have a muscle hangover. Yet, all in all, I do not regret trading the couch for the trampoline and I will definitely buy some Jumping Fitness classes again.