Leg warmers

I love leg warmers. They are super practical, keep the legs warm during winter, prevent the muscles from cooling while stretching, and can easily be put on and off during training. Leg warmers also always remind me of ballet and give me (secretly) the feeling that I am the ballerina I somehow never became.

So far, I only knew thick woolen leg warmers which either range to the knee or even up the thighs. However, as beautiful as they may look, they are not yet perfect for Pole training. I cannot count how many pairs of worn-out woolen leg warmers I am hiding in my closet and when you start to sweat a little, they become itchy. 

At MilaKrasna, I have discovered a couple of leg warmers that seem much thinner and are made of cotton. They sit tightly on the leg and look really beautiful with the mesh. 

Are you wearing leg warmers? Do you have a brand that you trust? Would you try these ones?