5 January Challenges that are still worth joining

Oh January, month of the good resolutions. The sports and nutrition challenges sprout from every Facebook and Instagram channel and it is actually hard to choose, whose help we choose to become fit and wonderful. Actually, I see challenges a little bit critical [...]

I am back

Lovelies, I think I should apologise to you. In August 2016, after only one year of Eat.Pole.Love, I stopped writing new Blog posts from one day to the other and without a word of explanation, I completely disappeared from the picture. In July, I [...]


I am absolutely crazy about Sophia Amoruso's podcast Girlboss. Each week, Sophia interviews different women who have founded large, successful companies and who today are their own boss. I love to listen to these strong and emancipated women and to learn what they [...]

My Pole Inspiration

Sometimes we discover a Pole Dancer, whose Pole style, tricks, music selection, etc. appeal to us in a special way. We sense in her choreographies and combinations that we have the same Pole notion and that we set similar priorities. As much as I adore all the [...]