Meet…Marion Crampe

I am so incredibly happy to present an interview with the lovely and absolutely incomparable Marion Crampe today. Marion is incredibly famous in our Pole world and has influenced, if not even changed, the community in many crucial ways. I do not think that I really have to present her to anyone, but just in case:

Marion started her career with classic ballet and jazz before she moved to street jazz and HipHop. In 2006, she started to Pole Dance and immediately (who did not?) fell in love with it. In 2012, she won the French Pole Dance Championship, yet this was not her first competition. Marion is a very prestigious Pole Dancer and has taken part in numerous championships, shows and has won several awards. She is also Brand Ambassador of Bad Kitty Pole Wear and Lupit Pole. Since 2010, you can also enjoy her classes at Milan Pole Studio. 

Marion is a model for many of us. Her style is characterized by elements from dance, contortion and most of all, emotion. I am always amazed how strongly Marion lives through her choreographies and how artistical every of her moves look.

But I do not want to keep you any longer from the real fun. Let us ask Marion for all her Pole secrets…


  1. Marion, you Pole dance since 2006. How has your style changed over the years?

My style has changed gradually through training and experience. I have found my own style and now I develop it constantly. When I started to Pole Dance a couple of years ago, I did not have a proper style. I collected inspiration from other Pole Dancers and artists, but this was of course not truly my style. With the years, due to many hours of Pole practice and also because I grew as an artist and as a woman, I finally managed to find my inner voice and the right way for me to express my passion. Anyhow, I think that there is not one perfect way to move or be. Life is a compilation of variations. That is what makes things more interesting and, personally, that is what keeps me fully addicted to what I am doing.

  1. How does your dancing background influence your perspective on Pole Dance?

To be honest, I was not the best in ballet school and definitely very weak in gymnastics, haha. Yet, I always trained hard to improve, even though I was not the best. Today, I know my body very well and my mind remembers a lot from ‘the old days.’ I can use that for my practice now. In Pole Dance, I found something that I had searched for the first part of my life. Pole Dance allows me to connect with my body in ways that I could never connect when I only danced. I discovered myself in Pole Dance and now, I understand much better how to enjoy this envelope

Today, Pole Dancers come from a huge variety of backgrounds and this creates an incredible panel of styles. What I love about Pole Dance is that the people are so passionate. They are not only passionate about Pole Dance itself, but they dedicate themselves so much to the training and all the other aspects (Dance, Workout, Flexibility, Yoga), just to get better in Pole Dance.

  1. Your motto is Avec Passion (with passion). How do you keep your passion up? What are your biggest Pole’spiration sources?

I admit that I am very, very passionate about Pole Dance. I love training, teaching, performing, watching videos. Yet, Avec passion is not only with regard to Pole Dance but regarding everything I do. For example, I mix my Pole training with many others disciplines. I do not Pole Dance every day. I also love to swim. When my husband trained for the Ironman, he took me to the pool once at 7 am. Now I go on my own every morning that I am home. I also love to run, dance and I have a serious crush on flexibility training. In this way, every time I do not train on the Pole for a day, I get very excited about the other training I do.

I find inspiration in many different things (Circus, Dance, Painting, Sport, Music, Theater…). Talking more specifically about  Pole’spiration sources, Instagram is truly amazing. As I always say to my students, my biggest inspiration are THEY. Yes, Pole Stars are incredible and I admire all of them, but my Pole Mom said to me 7 years ago: “Marion, always watch people that nobody watches, because they are not famous. You will discover them as an incredible source of creativity and variety.” And yes, this is true. On Instagram, I follow my students and artists from all around the world. They ensure that my excitement to get on the Pole never ends. I want to thank everyone for all the sharing.

  1. Did you ever doubt yourself and if, how did you overcome your fear?

Hahahahaha…well who does not? Especially, as an artist. Luckily, I can say that it got better over the years. But, oh là là, it was really hard for me sometimes and especially during competition periods.

For a long time, I did not really know what I was doing and probably fought the wrong fight. Yet, through mistakes we improve and in the end, you understand better what is good and what works for you.  I think there are no guidelines in how to overcome self-doubt because we are all so unique and different.


  1. Your choreographies are always perfect to the point. As I have recently posted an article about how to come up with a breathtaking choreography, what is your workflow to a great choreography?

First of all, you need to make sure that you create a choreography that truly fits you. During my creation process, I pass through several different steps. First of all, I study and train a lot (maybe even too much sometimes). When I went on stage, I was often too concerned about being perfect. Only later did I realize that this was not the right way for me. Now, I understand better how I want to express myself and what I want to share. I love performing because it gets me out of my comfort zone and something magical always happens. I also love watching people putting choreographies together from pieces. Their dedication and their ideas – it is such an amazing way to get inspired.

  1. How do you choose the right music for a choreography and what are your top three songs for training at the moment?

I just love music and with that I mean all kinds of music. I can spend hours listening to music and my best sources are definitely Soundcloud and YouTube. Still, I believe that there is no right music for a choreography. I think that it is more about what the music creates within you and how you feel moving to this music. Your music should guide your flow.

I do not have a unique playlist, but I have a serious crush on artists like Chet Faker, Bonobo, Black Atlas, Mansionair, RX Y…

  1. Since 2010, you teach at Milan Studio. What did giving classes teach you?

Since 3 years now, I am not very often in Milan anymore. I travel around the world and teach workshops or perform. I met great teachers from all over the world. Teaching feels unique and amazing to me. I love sharing my passion and it is an incredible life experience. Through teaching, I learn a lot about others and myself. Teaching is an amazing way to connect with people around the world and also to connect them with each other. #TogetherIsbetter
Over the years, I also feel an improvement of my teaching methods. I believe that you do not have to be famous to be an incredible teacher. There are many amazing teachers out there. I advise learning from different ones.

  1. What would you tell a student who is stuck with the same move for weeks?

Feeling stuck is a sign that is time to make a change. When I practice combos or tricks, I make sure to try a couple of times, but if it does not happen during that session, I leave it for the next one and try something else. The Pole Community is also very supportive, so I would go online, watch some videos or ask for help. One mini detail can solve all your troubles.

  1. Are we still missing something in the Pole community?

Pole Dance is a fast moving industry and it develops constantly. Since I started, everything has changed: the industry, the practice methods, and also people who join the Pole community have changed a lot. I think it is really interesting to take a look at all that is going on at the moment. I do not want to talk about what we are still missing, but maybe what we have lost in some aspects. Yet, I guess it happens in any type of discipline or industry and chang is always for the good.

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Thank you so much Eat.Pole.Love for your support and for allowing me to share a piece of my pole story. I am looking forward sharing more during my workshops, my performances, and during life’s connecting moments. Avec passion.