My Pole beauty quirk

I must confess, I have a little quirk: neat finger- and toenails are incredibly important to me. This attitude, unfortunately, stands in strong contrast to my lacking talent of varnishing. To be precise, the one and only time my finger- and toenails looked good, was when I lived with my little sister. She could lead a beauty salon (wherever she got that talent from).

Anyway, it bothers me especially during pole training to look at my poorly painted finger- and toenails. Now I have treated myself with a professional pedicure and am thrilled. Due to the shellac, I have gained 4 weeks of rest of the ‘varnishing stress’ and because shellac is thicker than ordinary nail polish, it perfectly holds trough the sport without chipping.

Cupcakes and Cashmere has compiled 8 beautiful manicure and pedicure color combinations. 

Bild von Cupcakes und Cashmere

Would you wear different colors or do you prefer your nails unicolor?


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  1. Nadine Rebel Saturday April 23rd, 2016 at 01:45 PM

    Wie sieht es mit den Fußnagellackspuren am Boden aus. Ja, ein Polestudio ohne Nagellackspuren am Boden ist wie ein Zebra ohne Streifen – habe ich mir sagen lassen – aber das ist auch für den Studiobesitzer unschön! Und kaum “slidet” man einmal über den Boden hat dieser wieder eine Markierung und mein Fußnagellack eine Schramme mehr!

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