My quick Morning Ritual

It began the day, I uploaded a picture of my Cup Grip Handspring to Instagram. I had hesitated for a while whether I should really upload the photo and thereby admit that I started training on this Cup Grip Handspring only 3 years into my Pole training and that I had only succeeded after about 1 million attempts and persistent strength training.


Yet, 3 years or not, despite all, I had worked quite hard for this trick and so I uploaded the photo. Shortly afterwards miwigee commented: Eben: “es ist eine grosse sache fĂĽr DICH”. Und das ist einfach super 👍 (Yes, but this is a big thing for YOU and this is simply great) & kallipole wrote: Go girl! You got this!

I was touched. I do not know these two women and yet, they had taken their time to leave these lovely and uplifting words. Writing these comments may have taken them 10 seconds, but they helped me overcome a personal moment of uncertainty and made my day.

So, after I wake up every morning, I take 5 minutes to blow some Pole Love into the social media channels. I do not only silently like, but take my time to comment here and there something nice, knowing that with this brief investment, somewhere in the world, I might make another Pole Dancer’s day. 

Do you comment under pictures of strangers on Instagram and Facebook? Have you ever made a particularly nice experience? Did a stranger ever make your day?