Mulled wine (without alkohol)

I will make it quick and then it is out: I love mulled wine! I can hardly wait until the first cold days arrive and that December gets so close that it becomes acceptable to drink mulled wine. For me, mulled wine is the incarnation Christmassy anticipation and ultimate coziness. Apart from that, mulled wine, of course, tastes just divine!

To be sure, I never buy customized mulled wine. It consists of too many bad ingredients and to be true, homemade mulled wine is one of the simplest things in the world. Nevertheless, it is, of course, neither good to drink a lot of alcohol, so over time, I have developed this recipe to satisfy my fondness of mulled wine and to still do my body good.

My non-alcoholic mulled wine is a true vitamin bomb and warms you up on cold days. I also just like to make this on hard days or to my pamper my boyfriend a little.


For 4 glasses you will need:

500 ml apple juice
1 organic orange
fresh mint
a cinnamon stick
some ginger
ground cloves
ground cardamom
ground allspice

Add the apple juice with the cinnamon stick and the ground spices to a pan. Cut the ginger into small slices and squeeze the juice of half an orange. Add both to the rest of the liquid. Cut the rest of the orange into small slices. Now, heat everything up while stirring constantly, but try to avoid that the liquid boils so you do not lose any nutrients.

When the non-alcoholic mulled wine is well heated, pour it through a sieve into the glasses and add the orange slices. Depending on whether you or your visit like your mulled wine more sweet, you can even add a spoonful of honey. Personally, I fill the non-alcoholic mulled wine up with a bit of warm water, because I prefer it rather not that sweet.


Now, nothing can ruin your day! This winterly vitamin bomb will definitely get you through the winter. I wish you lots of cozy days!