The reason I am not wondering anymore

I wonder a lot. I wonder why so many Pole athletes are getting so much better in a much shorter time period than me. I wonder why I have so many tricks that I have been practising for years and which I still can’t cross off my To Do list. I wonder why I definitely can’t get any of the new, hip tricks from Instagram. I often wonder why life is so hard on me. Until I met a good friend who asked me two questions that have changed everything.

The questions are: What do you really want in life and at the same time What are you willing to make sacrifices for? On Instagram, we find a million motivational quotes that tell us we must never stop dreaming and only have to believe fiercely and voilá – we will get everything. What these quotes conceal, however, is that we do not really want every dream and that we are not always willing to make the respective sacrifices.

Of course, I would like to be the new Oona Kivela and make it to the top. But am I willing to spend all my spare time at the Pole Studio or gym? Am I willing to adjust my diet, put my relationship second, and earn less money in order to work shorter hours? Am I ready to train in any mood and to travel around the world for months to give workshops? Yes, of course, not every Pole Star follows each of these steps, but you understand the idea.

I’ve answered these questions for myself and I’ve found that Pole will always play a huge, important part in my life, yet, I’m not willing to make all the sacrifices. I love my family, my boyfriend, my job, and when I have to make a decision, sometimes I decide against Pole. Sometimes I prefer to go to the cinema, to eat the third piece of cake, and to attend a late, but important meeting at work.

The question has taken a huge burden off me, for I am not surprised anymore. I know my answer to these two questions and when I make slower progress or when I am not as good as the other, I know why. I know where the differences come from, but it is not just life being unfair, but my conscious decision. I know what I am doing.

Now it’s your turn: What do you really want in life and what are you willing to make sacrifices for?

(Photo by Jimmy Brown)

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  1. Anna Monday May 8th, 2017 at 05:59 PM

    Ich bewundere dich dafür, dass du dir die Fragen beantworten kannst. Ich hänge momentan absolut in der Luft.
    Irgendwelche Ideen, wie man zu Antworten kommt? :-D

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