I am absolutely crazy about Sophia Amoruso's podcast Girlboss. Each week, Sophia interviews different women who have founded large, successful companies and who today are their own boss. I love to listen to these strong and emancipated women and to learn what they [...]


Greek Yogurt & Apricot Clafoutis

The first time I have heard of a clafoutis was during a french language class. There was a large photo of a classic Clafoutis aux Cerises in our textbook together with the recipe. I was immediately impressed by the dotted pattern that the [...]


My Pole Inspiration

Sometimes we discover a Pole Dancer, whose Pole style, tricks, music selection, etc. appeal to us in a special way. We sense in her choreographies and combinations that we have the same Pole notion and that we set similar priorities. As much as I adore all the [...]


This week …

... went past so quickly. Tonight, I will attend the Midsommar Festival in Berlin to celebrate the summer solstice the Swedish way. On Saturday, I will participate in an Olga Koda workshop and I am really excited. Which workshops did you go to lately? Has anyone inspired [...]