This week …

... went past so quickly. Tonight, I will attend the Midsommar Festival in Berlin to celebrate the summer solstice the Swedish way. On Saturday, I will participate in an Olga Koda workshop and I am really excited. Which workshops did you go to lately? Has anyone inspired [...]


7 days – 21 recipes: Clean Eating Meal Plan Nr. 1

A healthy diet requires a surprising amount of planning. Very rarely does our diet fail because of an unwillingness to change, an insuperable chocolate addiction, or financial reasons. More often we become weak because we don't want to spend that much time on grocery shopping, perhaps even [...]


This week …

... I got a pretty good idea of how it must feel to be old. I have an inflamed sciatic and I was so immobile that I needed up to 5 minutes to get out of bed. I also had lots of time to [...]