Pear – Cinnamon Smoothie Bowl (2)

This pear – cinnamon Smoothie Bowl is one of my absolute favorites. The main ingredients are pear, yogurt, and cinnamon. During autumn and winter, the pear is one of my favorite fruits and I use it as much as I can in the kitchen. I think there is little that tastes better than a really soft, sweet pear. By the addition of grated hazelnuts and walnuts, this smoothie tastes wonderful, earthy. However, the lemon ensures a surprisingly fresh taste. The smoothie does not need additional sweeteners because the aroma of banana and pear are sweet enough. The yogurt gives this smoothie a nice thick and creamy consistency. I could drink this smoothie every day.

This smoothie is the second in my breakfast smoothie week. You should definitely also try this rich beetroot – banana smoothie bowl.


You will need for this smoothie:

1 Banana
1 pear
1/2 lemon
one cup yoghurt
1 tablespoon grated hazelnuts
1 tablespoon flaxseeds
(if you love your smoothies more creamy, add a tablespoon of any nut butter)


Throw everything into your smoothie maker and your breakfast deliciousness is ready. If you prefer your smoothier more liquid, you could add some milk (almond or hazelnut milk would fit quite well.) If you prefer your smoothie rather thick, try adding some more yoghurt or even quark.


Top this amazing Smoothie with whatever you like. There is no end to your creativity. I used cinnamon, grated hazelnuts, and walnuts. Also, almond slices work very well. Give me a cup of freshly brewed coffee to this smoothie bowl and I am sure the day cannot go wrong anymore, or?